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A graduate from the prestigious Beaux-Arts and the Ecole Superieur des Arts et des Industries Graphiques, Monika has relinquished her successful career as a creative Director for several global media groups to pursue her one true passion which is creating stunning pieces of art. Like so many artists before her Monika lives and works in Paris which in itself is a metaphor for art, life and creativity. Monika’s work explores her intuition: energetic, independent and proactive.

Through her sexy pop heroines she expresses a certain vision of today's independent women. Strong yet fragile, Monika's heroines are paradoxical, contradictory and excessive but also soft, wild, poetic and provocative. Monika’s stunning pieces tip their hat to the tradition of the greats of pop art such as Lichtenstein and Warhol yet are completely modern and absolutely relevant. Monika’s works are expertly crafted, utilising digital media and freehand finishing techniques making every piece a one of a kind. Monika also personally photographs all the models for her pieces.

Monika’s work has been rapidly gaining international attention, her recent inclusion at auction in Christie has introduced Monika's work to a whole new audience which has cemented her as one of the hottest new talents to emerge in recent years.

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Crazy Jodi by Monika Nowak
80cm x 80cm / Original
Plexiglass / Framed  - POA
Crazy Kelly by Monika Nowak
100cm x 100cm / Original
Plexiglass / Framed  - POA
Nina Boom by Monika Nowak
100cm x 100cm / Original
Plexiglass  - POA
Lolita by Monika Nowak
100cm x 100cm / Original
Plexiglass  - SOLD
Dolly Pop by Monika Nowak
107cm x 94cm / Original
Plexiglass  - POA
Boom by Monika Nowak
120cm x 50cm / Original
Plexiglass  - SOLD
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