Born in Eastbourne in 1967, Mark has always had a keen interest in drawing and painting and at an early age, he won a number of local newspaper competitions for his drawings. When he left school, mark went on to study three dimensional design at Eastbourne Art College in the mid '80s being one of the youngest to attend in his year.

Having forged a career in finance for many years, the draw towards art was ever present and Mark has now been able to return to his first love of painting. He has a dedicated studio at his home in Eastbourne where he now paints full-time.

Painting with acrylics, Mark and has a distinctively bold style with his work inspired by architecture and moody cityscapes. He is fascinated by rainy nights and the way that light plays in reflections.

His work is created with little or no use of brushes and he uses a multitude of items including rollers and scrapers to achieve the textures and effects in his work. Although at first glance his paintings appear impressionistic, on closer inspection, it can be seen that he enjoys including small areas of detail which interestingly link the eye to the setting of the paintings.

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Mark Curryer

limited edition collection
New York - Limited Edition
28" x 28" framed  / 295 each
Paris - Limited Edition
28" x 28" framed  / 295 each
London - Limited Edition
28" x 28" framed  / 295 each
Edinburgh - Limited Edition
28" x 28" framed  / 295 each
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